This tournament is a fundraiser for Batten Disease, and specifically for a 9 year old boy in Rockton, Brock who has this disease.

Read all about Brock's  story on their website, and sign up for the bags tournament there as well You can also sign up on the day at the festival.

The foundation was established with the sole purpose to help children affected by Batten disease.  We have a financial goal of 2 million dollars to pay for a treatment for a cure of Batten disease, specifically, CNL8.
Brock is a 9 year old Rockton, IL boy with diminishing motor and speech skills.  We are asking anyone within our community and afar to help. Batten disease is a progressive neurological disorder that takes the child in the end, if no treatment is given.  Dr. Jill Weiner and her team are aggressively working on a treatment and until we reach the goal Brock and other children affected by Batten disease will continue to regress. Please find it in your hearts to help.


Saturday, June 17th  & Sunday June 18th

Bags For Brock