What do I get in the Sponsors VIP Area?
The Sponsors VIP area will be located with a great view of the Main Stage. You will get premium viewing for all our musical acts - and in a more spacious and comfortable setting. Separate indoor bathroom facilities are also located within the VIP Tent. Our VIP Sponsors will be served dinner and desert each evening provided by Fibs, Hoffman House, 808 Cheesecake and Dairyhaus. Beer, Pop, and Water will also be provided all weekend.

How do I buy an individual VIP Lions Den Pass?
Sponsors VIP passes are only available via sponsorship. Single day or individual "VIP" passes are not sold.

Do children need VIP Lanyards?

Children 8 and younger do not need lanyards to enter with their parents.

Dinner will be provided every night by:

Hoffman House, Fibs, 808 Cheesecake & Dairyhaus

Anyone caught passing food/beer/lanyards over the fence will forfeit their VIP passes for the weekend.


Thursday June 13,  5-11pm
5:30-6:30pm  Appetizers
6:30-8:00pm  Dinner
8:00pm          Dessert

Friday June 14, 5-11pm
​5:30-6:30pm  Appetizers
6:30-8:00pm  Dinner
8:00pm          Dessert

Saturday June 15, 5-11pm
​5:30-6:30pm  Appetizers
6:30-8:00pm  Dinner
8:00pm          Dessert

Sunday June 16, 4-10pm
​5:00-6:00pm  Appetizers
6:00-7:30pm  Dinner
7:30pm          Dessert